About Us

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DownUnder Honey is a family owned and operated business in the Manawatu, near Cheltenham, New Zealand. We operate hives on over 100 sites in partnership with local landowners and farmers

The bees are sited in different areas to collect honey from flowers of different types, from farmland where they gather Clover nectar, to native bush and mānuka in remote forests.

We extract the honey from our beehives and for local beekeepers in our modern premises, under a registered NZ Food Safety Risk Management Programme (RMP) based on HACCP principals.

The Honey Shop


Our honey shop is located only a short 6-minute drive from Feilding in the Manawatu.


We stock a wide range of products from honey, beeswax products to Apicare skincare. The Honey shop is located adjacent to the "TreesforBees Nursery where out team or nursery staff grow flowering trees and shrubs for garden, lifestyle block and farm planting.

Call into our honey shop to view our range of honey or you can order online

We are passionate about providing quality pure New Zealand honey. Come and see us! Try it for yourself. 


Wholesale or honey for export?


If you're interested in wholesale honey, Contact Us to see what we can offer. 

TreesforBees Plant Nursery 

In 2017 we started the TreesforBees Plant Nursery. We stock over 500 species of trees and garden plants to support bees. We realised there was a need for a central place to buy trees that focus on providing pollen or nectar for bees and birds.


The plant nursery has a range of native, exotic and ornamental trees as well as a range of flowering Eucalyptus and Willow trees and cottage garden plants. Call in to our shop to check it out or visit the website.

Bees on a hive at DownUnder Honey

Interested in bees?

If you're also passionate about bees and would love to have bees on your property as a landowner, we would love to hear from you! Contact us and we can discuss how it works.


We support landowners with select plants from our TreesforBees Plant Nursery to support the bees and birds. 

If you are a landowner and are interested in planting trees and having bees on your property, we are happy to invest our time in helping you with your project.