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Bee Aware Month

What is Bee Aware
Month about?

September is the start of spring and a great time to help Kiwis learn more about the importance of honey bees and to share practical advice to ensure a sustainable future for bees. Thanks to the beekeeping industry body, Apiculture NZ for coordinating Bee Aware Month.
Here's a few things you can do to love our bees:

  • plant bee-friendly flowers and trees, visit our Trees for Bees Nursery shop for ideas as plants for bees is what our nursery is all about. The Resources page is also a great source of ideas.

  • provide fresh water for bees

  • use safe pesticides, or if you need to spray, take care to apply when bees are not active, such as in the early morning or on dusk

  • take a break from lawnmowing and let the clover flowers grow

  • and, of course, eat delicious honey!

Bee on hebe.jpg
Colouring In Bee Aware Month

Colouring in for kids

Get your kids involved with Bee Aware Month with a colouring in picture about bees.

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