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TreesforBees Plant Nursery

Our tree nursery provides flowering trees to support honey bees and other wildlife on your property or flowering plants for your home garden. We stock  a wide range of Native and Exotic trees as well as specialist rare willows. Come and see us and we can show you how to achieve your goals with flowering trees and shrubs. 

Trees for Bees

In  2009 Federated Farmers launched the ‘Trees for Bees NZ’ initiative to ensure that honey bees have the opportunity to gather sufficient pollen and nectar, providing the vitamins and minerals required to maintain optimum hive strength and a viable pollinating bee force. Through this initiative a number of trees and plants were identified.

What we grow

We have a range of trees suitable for hedge plants, feature trees, riparian plantings, wasteland and shade trees for livestock.

View the list of trees we are growing or look at our more in depth Tree Catalogue.

We also stock a range of garden plants and old fashioned cottage flowers for your garden.

Resources for Tree Planting

Here are a number of sources to help with planning or establishing plantings.

Shelter belt design

Shelter Belt Establishment & Maintenance 

Winning with Willow Trees

Manuka Planting


If you are thinking about planting Manuka, we can assist with plants as well as the afforestation grant funding process. 

Click here for more information. 

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